Wednesday, May 13, 2009


They are here! The first batch began hatching Sunday night, and we have another set due in about a week. They are near impossible to photograph, since they are never still, and with their heat lamp turned off, they get chilly quick. So, take my word for it, little turkeys are dangerously precious. With all I have that needs doing, I could spend the day just watching the fuzzy littles do their thing.


Billie Jane said...

Just about now, I really hate the thought of Christmas (or Thanksgiving for you lot!), they are sooooooo cute. I am very keen to have chicks here but I think I will have to wait until we have more room... Turkeys... do they lay eggs for eating? you see I know nothing about turkeys!

Sara said...

Hi-you can eat turkey eggs, they are higher in protein and fat than chicken eggs, so they are best used for baking. The turkeys don't lay all the time like chickens, they are supposed to lay one or two clutches a year, although ours seem to lay eggs pretty steadily through the spring and summer. Our sneaky crows are getting fat and glossy on turkey eggs. Ha!

Billie Jane said...

well I certainly learned something today! Turkey's def on the list for the 'one day' farm! tx