Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making Hay Part 2

So, Sunday it rained all day long, but only very lightly. Then, we finally got some dry, sunny weather, and the hay was rolled and fluffed twice more. It was okay, we could finally bale it and put it in the barn! Harold Newton came back out to bale it all-
We have the very best kind of country neighbors. Ernst and his brother HB came over to help get the bales out of the field and stack them in the barn.
Steve found a little serpent while rearranging the palettes for hay stacking. Just think of how many pesky mice this fellow could take care of! Yet another good friend to have.
While not the very best quality hay, it is darn good considering all it went through. 459 bales in the barn, I am calling it a success!


Billie Jane said...

My Goodness that's a BIG serpent!! We did find mice when we shifted a loam stack... but I think our 3 cats usually takes care of anything like that! Not sure what we would do if we had predators like snakes!

Sara said...

You come to cherish them-they do good work! Our barns usually get a little mousy over the winter, but when the snakes come out-sorry, mices, party's over.