Saturday, May 30, 2009

By Gum, She's done it!

Sure, the last thing we need right now is more chickens, but I am so thrilled for this little family. Two of our five year old Buff Orpington chickens were moved to a "retirement condo" earlier this year. The rooster, let's call him "Brad", was a living in a large group with his son. The younger fellow decided it was time to take over the flock, and was giving the old fellow a devil of a time. His lovely companion, let's call her "Angelina", survived a narrow scrape with a hawk the winter before last. It was fortunate timing, really, I had just stepped out on our porch one morning when I heard an unnatural amount of wing flapping in the Buff's paddock. I ran over, and the hawk was on her back! It flew away when it saw me, and I dashed inside and scooped her up. Bless her heart, she screamed for about a minute straight, as I am sure I would, wow. She had a bad bite on the back of her head, some talon marks, and a bloody eye, but after a few days rest in the "hospital crate" she was ready to return to the flock. Unfortunately, the experience left her with impaired vision in one eye, so she seemed a good choice to keep Brad company.

Now, they've gone and hatched a whole bunch of kids! I have counted five so far, but I am not sure that is all of them. They don't seem to object to my curiosity.

Pa is on his guard, he is constantly watching for any danger. I imagine it will be a nervewracking few weeks for all of us. They are very secure where they are, from everything except snakes! I shall try to stay alert, myself, and keep an ear open for any alarm. Congratulations to these two, and welcome to the world little ones!


ACE said...

Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, Knox and Vivienne! ( may have to adopt one in to make the numbers work)

Billie Jane said...

I love chicken and egg stories! Congratulations to you all!