Sunday, March 29, 2009

Marching ahead

Sorry no updates lately, Steve and I have been in the grips of some kind of horrific virus. High fevers, aching joints, etc, etc. Bizarre fever dreams, including one in which an alligator was trying to sell me art supplies-interpretation? Productivity of late has been close to nil.
March here is continuing to be very lion like, we are still waiting for the lamb part! We have had another inch and a half of rain over the past four days. It's actually a convenient (ha!) time to be sick, as it is too muddy sloppy to do much anyway.

Spring is definitely upon us, though, and it is such an exciting time. The turkeys are just beginning to lay, the fruit trees are blooming, the world is warming and waking up and becoming vibrant and green again. And so, a word on spring by Wendell Berry:
Wendell Berry
A Purification
by Wendell Berry
At start of spring I open a trench in the ground.
I put into it the winter's accumulation of paper,
pages I do not want to read again, useless words, fragments, errors.
And I put into it the contents of the outhouse:
light of the sun, growth of the ground, finished with one of their journeys.
To the sky, to the wind, then, and to the faithful trees,
I confess my sins: that I have not been happy enough, considering my good luck,
have listened to too much noise, have been inattentive to wonders,
have lusted after praise.
And then upon the gathered refuse of mind and body, I close the trench,
folding shut again the dark,the deathless earth.
Beneath that seal the old escapes into the new.
It's spring, you have just dug a trench, what will you put in it? Failures, regrets, excess weight from the winter, fears, clutter...........?


Billie Jane said...

That just sums up exactly how I feel about spring... but in such better words than I could find. Thank you for sharing it.

Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Thanks for your comment about the Porcelain D'Uccles on my blog. That's one breed I haven't had before - I hope they are as pretty as their pictures. And yes, the bantams tend to be snack material more than larger breed chickens, unfortunately. Mostly due to hawk predation, but I've also had them eaten by an opossum when I've forgotten to close their door at night. Needless to say, I don't forget anymore! One bird I've long admired is the Red Golden Pheasant, but I think I'd need a totally enclosed flight for them, and that's not something I've wanted to take on yet. But boy, are they pretty! I've also had my eye on Cotournix Quail, mostly for their eggs, but again, I'd want a covered flight, and so I've held off.