Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Frogs Say It's Spring

Golly, it is hard to believe it was a "winter wonderland" here 6 days ago.
Today was a blissful, sunshiny 80-some degrees. We were wearing shorts, for pete's sake, and there was hammock time to be had.

The frogs are all singing their hearts out, it is such a lovely springtime thing to hear. Now, today was supposed to be my day "off" but I forgot to plant the basil when I planted the peppers a couple days ago, so I was headed to the greenhouse to plant the little basils real quick, and then Steve said,
"What about some Thai basil?", and then I remembered the summer savory seeds I bought last year, and how about some white sage, oh, and dill, of course... Yep, that's how it goes.

We took the dogs for a nice long walk around the farm-they were overjoyed. You can tell by the tongues.

Maggie even found a little treat. You can't hide nothin from that fifteen year old dog.

The fishes were all out and about.
Yes, our animals even have their own animals. These two goldfish have been happily living in the donkey waterer for more than three years now. Their job is to eat up all the mosquitos and other buggies that might want to make it their home, or their watery demise. They do their job well, I feed them from time to time, out of motherly concern, I suppose, though it is probably not even necessary. The piece of fence is in the top to keep any wayward poultrys from drowning in it.

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Billie Jane said...

Spring is wonderful... my favourite season by far... but over here we have to go cautiously because quite often winter has a last blast after spring has started and its a bit of a suprise for unwary tender seedlings. Love your blog!