Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pea in the cup

As I was doing the livestock chores this morning, in my car, since my tractor is still in the shop, and it is too muddy for Steve's truck (thanks AWD!), I was pondering on what I could plant. This morning, Steve made a comment that we have not been doing much farming lately. It is true, the weather has not been cooperative in that regard.

I am limited to greenhouse work, then. So, I was thinking lettuce would be a option, another round of arugula, maybe. Then I thought, what about peas? That might work, except for my 'little' vole problem. Pea greens sound like a delicious treat for rodentia. Hmmm.

What if I covered the row with rat wire? No, I would have to do something about the ends, and they would probably just dig under the edge anyway. Cut off lengths of PVC? No. little rat wire cages for each pea? No, too much trouble, I would have to attach them somehow.

Then I thought of all the plastic cups that have been sitting in our kitchen cabinet since our wedding party five years ago. Hmm, what if I cut a hole in the bottom of each one, and set it upside down on top of the peas? Plastic is no fun to chew through, when there is easier prey, and it would be easy, and use what I have on hand. Maybe it will work, why not, why not?

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