Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bottling The Harvest

It was time at last to put up our 2008 concord grape wine! We had a very good year for grapes. They consistently produce a staggering abundunce for us, and we are grateful. There is always more than enough for a good store of grape jam, handfuls of juicy treats to toss to the chickens, and this year, two carboys of vino. I regret that I don't have photos of the actual stomping procedure, that is the best part!

Once the bottles have all been scrubbed and sterilized, we boil the corks,

siphon the precious liquid,

cork em',

and then put them away and try to forget about them for two years. That's right, these will be ready for tasting in August 2010. Sigh. However, with any luck, I will look forward to more grape stomping this summer.


Will said...

I didn't know you were making wine. That's really cool. I like the labels. Did either of you do the drawings?

Sara said...

Fraid not, I nabbed them off the web. Guess I should work on one of our own, though.

Amy said...

Me me me!!! Also, I have a stomping helper for you, next stomp -