Monday, November 2, 2009


So, I have been slack lately about updating the blog, but there just hasn't been much happening. I am still spinning and knitting things, and trying to dream up amazing ideas for knitted Christmas gifts. I haven't come up with anything brilliant yet, and would welcome suggestions!

Any knitters out there should check this out. You can upload any image you like and this program will convert it into a knitting pattern for you. I used the swallow on a felted bag for my sister.

I have been working on my propagation skills, taking cuttings of figs, blueberries, and some perennials before it gets too cold. I am still figuring out who likes soil and who prefers sand, who likes to be covered, and who likes to "breathe", so I have had to do several sets. I have decided that hydrangeas, in particular, seem to do best from cuttings taken in the Spring.

Steve found and identified some wonderful wild mushrooms that we have been nomming on-they are so delicious. These are "pear shaped puffballs". This one is especially charming.

Our donkey Gladys's expanding girth seems to indicate that she may be in foal again (though it's hard to tell for sure, she is naturally wide), so a visit from the vet will be in order soon. If she is, we can expect her little one, with any luck, sometime in March.

The old swine flu has been getting around over here, and we are both feeling a bit under the weather, so I think I will go make a nice pot of spicy ginger tea.


Billie Jane said...

I have been knitting socks like crazy for christmas presents. and then knitting little bags to put them in - along with lavender sachets. I love the shroom!!

ACE said...

My knitted swallow bag is so beautiful too!! I love the idea of turning images into knitting patterns.

Ruralrose said...

The shot of the chicken running is priceless, i will have to find a shot of a turkey running it is hilarious, had a good visit with your blog thank you, peace for all
p.s. how about a teacozy? or a snood?

Sara said...

Excellent suggestions, all. Thank you!