Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things that give me hope

Chocolate chess pie, for one. Seen here with "mandatory shot of espresso".

Ah, it is a frustrating time for me right now, as I am not so much farming at the moment. The air is crisp and the temparature is pleasant, and I feel like I ought to be planting and planning and and celebrating the harvest, and I am doing none of those things. I've got farming in my blood, for sure, I daydream of cabbages and collards, leeks and strawberries.

However, I find comfort in my part time job of two years as a server in the grooviest little restaurant I know. Panciuto, located in historic downtown Hillsborough, is doing an exemplary job of promoting local farm products by making them into unforgettable yums.

It's a cute little place. Cozy and inviting.

The chef shops at the farmers' markets a couple times a week, and works his magic on whatever fresh items are available.

The best part for me, other than the satisfaction of seeing our own farm products being turned into something amazing, is the real pleasure the customers take in consuming them. It's hard not to have pride, when folks are always telling you things like "This is the best thing I have ever eaten my life"! They really mean it. Some of them even tear up a little. I have taken empty plates back to kitchen sometimes that look suspiciously like they might have been licked.

One of our eggs, looking all elegant.

So, it makes me hopeful that in showcasing the fruits of our labors this way, folks will go home equating local produce with good eating! It is not only healthy to eat fresh, local, seasonal veggies, it is also awesomely delicious. Spread the word.


ACE said...

oh, Lady. I wanna go!! I love the interconnectedness of the beauty of what Panciuto does with the beauty of what you do, and are -

KM said...

Beautiful food! Wish I could sample a taste via the internet.

Aprilheart said...

I'm convinced! Better times are coming, kiddo!