Friday, September 4, 2009

Watermelon harvest

= happy chickens.
I have been saving seeds from a particular variety for a few years, now. The most perfect ones have golden yellow flesh with a delicate blush of pink in the center. Each one is like a work of art.
The variety still isn't totally stable, I usually get a few plain yellows, and was surprised to have a couple of plain reds this year. Oh well, I'll just keep trying. With the help of my lovely assistant Wiley, I saved a good quantity of mature seeds from the best melons.
Washed them well, and spread them out on paper to dry.
The poultry feasted on the rest.
Evidence of happy chicken-ness.

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ACE said...

something in our yard devours our rinds similarly - a chunk of watermelon left out overnight is only a skin in the morning! now who doesn't love watermelon??