Friday, September 18, 2009


"Sorrow and scarlet leaf,
Sad thoughts and sunny weather.
Ah me, this glory and this grief
Agree not well together!"- Thomas Parsons, 1880, A Song For September

Autumn is beginning to creep on in. The nights are so cool now, the leaves just beginning to turn a bit, the seeds ripening.

The overall feeling I have is of being in limbo. There are no answers for how to move forward from what I have been working for these past years. There is not much to plant or harvest, no hints as to what my next opportunity will actually look like. The weather has echoed my mood. Neither hot nor cold, not much sun, and, though we are getting a good shower today, not much rain, either. Most days are a damp and fuzzy gray stillness.

Still except for the sound of tractors, harvesting tobacco, the sounds of construction at the neighbor's house, crickets chirping, and bees still busy putting by for the winter.

There are still a few things producing, always a happy sight. The squash blossoms,

surely one of the most radiant flowers on this earth! The figs are still ripening, along with some apples. The turkeys are happily feasting on windfall in the orchard.

The three koi in our pond have been, er, fruitful. The little koi are such a delight to see every day, although I am becoming alarmed by the rate at which they are growing!

Anybody need some koi?

We have found good homes for quite a few turkeys and chickens, but it seems that there is no further interest, which leaves us with 80 or so young laying hens that will have to meet some end. It is sad for me to tend to them every day, they are no longer needed, but still here, chasing crickets, doing their thing, totally blameless for their lack of necessity.

So, I keep looking for the next step, and I wait. It will come.

"I trust in Nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and Autumn garner to the ends of time."- Robert Browning


Billie Jane said...

Your photographs are BEAUTIFUL... and I shall hope for a new opening for you... or a new understanding... This post is so well written too... a book perhaps?

Sara said...

Thanks for your encouraging words! Your Billie Fergus is most photogenic.

ACE said...

ugh, you amaze me. it is your nature to find beauty in everything. I know this is going to continue to work well for you whatever comes.

Ruralrose said...

o i see you have turkeys so you know how silly they look when they run - i have had turkeys for 10 years now, but just this summer we made a little "sitting nook" where we could watch them. since they are usually puffed out, happy to see us we have never until now seen them relaxed. It is almost erotic to watch the males relax there heads and preen themselves, i hope you know what i mean of this will just sound silly. There are special moments in nature that seem magical if caught with the human eye. Peace

Ruralrose said...

after 10 years raising birds, I have yet to kill one - i am just too soft, i had a tom for 10 years - he died one afternoon when I let the "new" hens into his pen, i only turned by back for a minute to return to find him all "puffed out and engorged" on fallen over, and i would like to think he died from the excitement of the new ladies - but his death was sad on that day too - the joys of this life are matched by the sorrows - peace for all

Sara said...

Turkeys are really wonderful to watch, I love when the toms "dance"! I think they are just beautiful-