Thursday, October 2, 2008

why so untidy?

Ah well, partly it is a bit of bitter humor that we always have unfinished projects laying about. And, wow, no matter how hard you try, there is always stuff that isn't tended to in a timely fashion, usually weeds. Partly, though, it is method. This is my preferred way of planting things:

In a big old blob. Rows, shmows. This is in our yard actually, but here you have rosemary, rue, chives, marjoram, and a rose. Right next door is some basil and lemon balm. When grown this way, the plants fill in each other's negative spaces and keep the weeds down.

I also like the way it looks. Functional landscaping.

When growing annuals in the field, too, I try to maximize available crop space by growing several crops in the same space. Radishes and carrots will coexist peacefully, and I had pretty good success last year growing pole beans on the stakes in between my tomatoes.

Also, I really hate to see everything perfectly mowed. This is the cause of many heated discussions throughout the growing season! I really like to leave brushy spots nearish the field as much as possible, letting the native wildflowers and grasses grow and set seed. These untidy spots attract so many butterflies, pollinators, and other beneficial insects, and snakes like to hang out in them. And snakes like mice. And mice like crops. See how that works?

Lastly, I must point out that I have the untidiest geese of all-Sebastopols.

Those long, curly feathers mean that they are naturally flightless, so as a breed, they don't feel compelled to fly away. They originated near the Black Sea, so cold weather is a joke to them! Overall, they are serene and quiet-and beautiful. When they are running around being goofy, it is the 'ghostly ballet of frolicking Sebastopols'.

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Amy said...

Your untidiness is indeed a thing of beauty. Damn good work.