Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mushrooms and Turkeys

It is starting to seem like October here on the farm. The little guineas are getting bigger-they are getting pretty well feathered and are trying out the whole flying thing.

Our shiitakes are still coming in. The logs we have are so old and crumbly, it is hard to believe they are producing anything anymore, but the weather is just perfect, and they keep on coming.

This one's a nice one

Most of the birds are in some state of molting, growing in a fresh new set of feathers for the cold weather to come. For those of you just dying to know, this is what a turkey looks like when molting.

Yark! This is an extreme case, actually. In my perfect world, there would be an on-farm spa for molting birds, with herbal wraps, meditation, warm towels and tea.

"I feel like a porcupine!"

"You're not a porcupine. Just relax, and focus on your breath...."

Then, when they are all done, they look like this.

Whoa, Mama!


Ma Wills said...

You reveal the true inner beauty of mushrooms and turkeys. I love the idea of making a little spa for the molting turkeys. I'm sure they would appreciate it very much.

Amy said...

Little turkeys are CUTE!!!!!