Saturday, May 1, 2010

Here we are..

The untidy farmer has moved! I am now a resident of Plowgirl Farm in Chapel Hill, NC. It has taken almost a month of moving, as I have brought 30 chickens, 4 turkeys, 12 geese, 3 dogs and a kitten. Shew! We have joined 3 beautiful horses and 5 amazing goats, the current residents on the farm. We will all soon be joined by 10 hives of bees!
It is quite the glorious zoo.

And then there's Henry.. He was a foster dog, rescued from a terrible animal shelter, that was living here, and is currently undergoing heartworm treatment. Since he and Maybelle have become such good friends, and since he is such a sweet and intelligent fellow, erm, mwell, I guess he will be staying with us. What's one more?

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