Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow and Tigers

More snow-another seven or so inches. Perhaps not so much, but enough to mostly shut down the world around here for another four days. I have enough chores to keep me busy-and to keep my feet sopping wet, as my boots leak, but not enough to make me feel actually productive, mind you. Although, I have been enjoying the time to admire the lovely winter scenery.

With a high of 48 degrees today, and the sun shining, it is all melting away, forming pools and rivulets all over, and lending a background of dripping and gurgling to the hushed landscape. One thing I love about winter is the absence of lawnmowers, weed trimmers, leaf blowers, etc. You can just listen to the birds chirping, and breathe, and be quiet.

Chickens are not amused by snow. Many of them will not set one scaly little foot in it, when it can be avoided, a trait I think might be attributed to their origins-there's not much snow in the jungle. Wiley is especially insulted that she has not been invited to come in and warm up by the fire.

On the other hand, turkeys don't seem to mind it much-

and the geese seem to enjoy it some. Especially now that the melting ice has created more puddles for them to muck around in.

The next new moon will bring us the Chinese year of the Tiger. The golden, or metal tiger, to be precise. The tiger year should bring dramatic and active change for us, so the forecasts read. I say bring it-I am not afraid. The tiger also defends your house from fire, thieves, and ghosts. I expect this little tiger to do his worst.

Small tigers will also do a number on your philodendron.


Billie Jane said...

Sorry I didnt get to post a comment on your last entry about the chickens story. Only just got around to reading it and I thought it was wonderful... stories like that enrich our lives. As for winter... soooo tired of it.... need some sun don't you?

Aprilheart said...

Beautiful, beautiful. You touch my heart with your words.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!