Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update from the Doldrums

I fear this post will come off a bit whiney, and I apologize in advance. I never forget to count all my blessings every day, and with all of the real horror that exists in the world at the moment, I know I have no reason to complain. My heart aches for all of those in Haiti who are suffering at this time, I can't even comprehend what it must be like to be a part of such devastation. My own heartbreak seems inconsequential by comparison-but, it's mine.

I haven't updated in a while, because my story remains the same. I must find gainful employment in order to move on with my life, and though I spend tedious hours every day searching job boards, identifying potential opportunities, emailing, calling, etc., I have been spinning my wheels for going on six months now. I know the poor economy has much to do with it, and it doesn't help a bit that I am so far out in the country, it is at least a 45 minute drive to anywhere the jobs are-but I am immensely frustrated. I have a fairly diverse work background, solid references, experience and skills, and it really seems that there is nothing out there for me! So I am feeling kind of purposeless.

The farmer in me is frustrated, too. Normally, this time of year, I would be getting ready for the season to come. Working on seed orders, planning crops, scheduling transplant starting in the greenhouse, and I would be planting like crazy in the hoophouse.

Sadly, we lost the hoophouse in the last snow. We only got around seven inches, but it all came down very quickly. We had cleaned the snow off of the top twice in the space of about an hour, but when we went to check it the third time:

Squasho. Total loss, and the wretches at Farm Bureau refused to pay us a cent for it. Funny, I thought that was the kind of thing insurance was for. Silly me.

The monotony of my days has been broken up a bit recently, though. One morning as I set out to do the the chores, I found this napping in a chicken tractor.

Thinking he must surely be feral, I (somewhat stupidly, in retrospect) sneaked up and grabbed him, secured him in a havahart trap, and said I would take him to the local animal shelter. Very soon, though, it became apparent that he wasn't wild at all, only scared from his rude awakening. I moved him inside, and set him up in Maybelle's dog crate in the spare room. Within a day or so, he overcame his shyness and turned out to be, in fact, a snuggly, precious lil' dumpling. He is also the picture of health, good with the dogs, and handsome, to boot.

So, no animal shelter for this guy, he is really special. I would like to find him an excellent home. So far all my queries to friends have turned up no interest, so here's another go. I fear if he doesn't go somewhere soon, I won't be able to part with him. I need another critter to feed like I need a hole in my head-BUT, he's awesome. Perhaps my new farm-to-be will require the services of a mouser.

Most all extraneous chickens have left the farm to one end or another, a sad thing for me, but I still have a very small number of Buff Orpingtons that would make someone a nice little backyard flock. They are mostly descendents and relatives of Tiger, my pride and joy, who was taken from us by a stray dog last year.

I hope to eventually find a way to use all of the things I have learned to help others, and will continue to strive to do so. The stupid bills must be paid, first. There must be something a-waitin' for me just around the corner. Hope is what's left in the jar.


Billie Jane said...

I'd have the kitten in a minute... and the hens!! Sadly I live too far away from you for that. I do hope something turns up for you.

ACE said...

ugh - it's going to clear up, just keep on hanging in there - the planets will realign -