Friday, August 14, 2009

Meanwhile, in the kitchen..

Wow- it has been an incredible year for tomatoes! I can't remember another season when they have done so well, it's a real blessing. So, we have been working on getting a goodly amount canned and put up for winter. It's hot and sweaty work, but a nice change of pace, really. It's a chance to put some good tunes on the stereo, roll up your sleeves, and make a godawful mess of the kitchen.

I am especially pleased with the yield on my favorite heirlooms this year, these Golden Sunrays:

Normally, they make great sauce, but this year the best I've been able to do is soup. That works, too. They are the prettiest color, too, they remind me of mangos.

Yes, the sipping of beer is an essential element of the canning procedure. Ta da. On to the next batch-salsa, this time?

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Billie Jane said...

Oh I just LOVE canning! Have never tried to do soup... and I have grave doubts about our tomatoes this year... loads of them... nice and big... but all green! Not a single one turning red yet. You have a great crop!