Monday, July 27, 2009

A Positive Note

Um, I should really be doing chores right now, but if there are two things I really love, they are nature and photography. I just encountered the most perfect luna moth I think I have ever seen, and had to share her-

I took these with my blackberry, so they are not very good quality, oh well. You get the idea.

And here is Mantis, master of disguise!
I love luna moths-a few years ago I came across a pair. They are a little beat up, but very neat, nonetheless.


Billie Jane said...

Wow! Nature is amazing ... and so uplifting... the world is a wonderful place, we are very lucky to share it with all these brilliant creatures!

Sara said...

Yes, indeed. We live on a very beautiful planet.

ACE said...

Ah, such lucky creatures to find themselves before your lens- and so lucky for us to have your beautiful blog to check 'em out on. so lovely - thank you.

d.a. said...

I've never seen a luna moth before... wow! Glad you got the shot!