Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turkey shoot

Photo shoot, ha, ha

I tried to get some brilliant shots of the little guys, now around three weeks old, but it is impossible. Twitchy little brats! Oh, I love them-here are some turkey-like blurs:

Steve tacked up the cardboard on the walls of the brooder to provide extra draft protection on the recent 20 degree nights. When I went to check on them tonight, however, they were all roosting up on the windowsill like a row of tiny vultures. Ay, kids, what are you going to do? They can get back down under the heat lamps if they want to, I suppose-you know that's where I would be!
I took a few pics of their moms and dads, anyway. This is our most gorgeous hen, Isabella.

With the turkeys, guineas, and geese-the boys usually get along really well, darn reasonable of them.

Of course, if they are ever naughty, I can simply tell them that Sarah Palin is coming to pardon them!


And, this is Bar Code and Spot, not turkeys, but so handsome.

1 comment:

Ma Wills said...

So gorgeous the turkeys! I can see now why Ben Franklin thought them appropriate for our national bird.
Sa, you turn everything you touch into gold with your camera and your words!
See you and the Contrary Farmer on Friday!